Platform One

Abergavenny Station reflects an age when the railways took you to all parts of Britain.  The trains were frequent and reliable; everybody could afford the fare; a journey was an adventure, in polished wood-trimmed carriages adorned with black and white photographs of exciting and distant places. Mighty steam locomotives proclaimed to the world the greatness of British engineering and design.

When, in 1984, David Evans moved his studio into offices at the station he was inspired to change the company name from David Evans Design Associates to Platform One.  Since the commencement of business in 1969, it has always applied traditional values.  Clients are treated with courtesy and personal service; every job is given the utmost care and attention to detail.  We pride ourselves on meeting deadlines and charging accessible fees.  Platform One is on a never-ending journey where we treat every day as an adventure and a new opportunity.



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Please do not leave behind on station platforms!

Please do not leave behind on station platforms!

We are pleased to announce that Denise Griffiths from KPMF UK was the proud winner of our previous prize, the set of beautiful retro railway poster mugs.

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