Platform One

Abergavenny Station reflects an age when the railways took you to all parts of Britain.  The trains were frequent and reliable; everybody could afford the fare; a journey was an adventure, in polished wood-trimmed carriages adorned with black and white photographs of exciting and distant places. Mighty steam locomotives proclaimed to the world the greatness of British engineering and design.

When, in 1984, David Evans moved his studio into offices at the station he was inspired to change the company name from David Evans Design Associates to Platform One.  Since the commencement of business in 1969, it has always applied traditional values.  Clients are treated with courtesy and personal service; every job is given the utmost care and attention to detail.  We pride ourselves on meeting deadlines and charging accessible fees.  Platform One is on a never-ending journey where we treat every day as an adventure and a new opportunity.

Our Team

DAVID EVANS, BA (Hons), Graphics

David founded the business in 1969 and is the senior partner at Platform One.  He trained in Graphic Design at Newport Art College in the swinging Sixties.

David co-founded Platform One and has been involved with all of the company’s major projects in an unbroken career that he enjoys as enthusiastically now as in the early, formative years. He has worked in the public and private sectors as a planner, facilitator, designer, illustrator and occasional copywriter.  

David brings a lifetime’s experience in graphic and three-dimensional design to the team.  He has extensive knowledge of project planning and implementation, working with a broad mix of clients, from heavy industry and engineering; product innovation and manufacturing; leisure and tourism; museums, heritage centres and educational establishments.  Forming one of the first independent design practices in Wales, he quickly supplemented his formal design training with on-the-job learning – adapting to unexpected situations and resolving unforeseen problems as they arise.

He has created advertising campaigns; established corporate housestyles and branding; designed and supervised exhibition builds for national and international companies. 



Sherren is a graphic designer and partner in Platform One.   To make life easier for people she answers to Sher.   She joined the practice in 1997 and quickly made herself irreplaceable earning her a partnership in 2001.

Sher also gained her degree in Graphic Design from Newport College of Art in 1990.

She has proved herself to be a highly talented, driven and flexible designer, with a proven record of delivering creative ideas, from inception through production, ensuring that all work is effective, appropriate and delivered within agreed timescales.  She is able to work under pressure, and multitask and can effectively work within brand and design guidelines when applicable.  

Sher has excellent IT skills, is highly organised and able to prioritise her own work schedule, while offering  a creative flair and great colour sense. Responsible for developing graphics for a wide range of print, display, publications and advertising, she has worked in the educational, public and private sectors on a variety of projects.



Sue Evans is the third practice partner and keeps a firm hand on the finances and various aspects of administration.  She has previously worked in Sales and Personnel.



Away from the office David, Sher and Sue love all things creative and are frequent visitors to theatres, cinemas, galleries and Stately Homes.


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